How to Save on Florida Car Insurance? 7 Tips to Reduce Costs

By Randy Luton | Last Updated: 04/06/2023

Key Insights:

  • Most of the drivers of Florida are not able to afford car insurance in the state.
  • According to several reports from different websites; Florida is one of the five most expensive states for car insurance.
  • There are multiple ways to save money on car insurance which you can combine to get affordable rates in Florida.

Along with beautiful beaches, tourist places, and amazing roads; Florida is among the top five most expensive states for car insurance. The average cost of buying car insurance is much higher than the national car insurance cost and most of the other states of the country.

Most of the drivers from the state are finding it difficult to afford car insurance policies. This blog is for the drivers of Florida or any other state who are looking for ways to afford car insurance in Florida.

Read till the end to understand the reason behind the expensive car insurance in the state and how to get affordable rates.

Average Car Insurance Cost in Florida

The average car insurance cost in Florida is $2614 per year. To understand how much the drivers are paying in Florida it is important to keep a check on what different companies are providing. Below list contains the average car insurance cost in Florida:

CompanyAverage Auto Insurance Cost In Florida
State Farm$2108
Liberty Mutual$2941

Why Car Insurance is Expensive in Florida?

So till now, we know that car insurance is expensive in Florida but have you ever tried understanding the reason behind it? There are several reasons why car insurance is so expensive in Florida. And our team of experts has created a list of top reasons for all the drivers:

1. Busy Roads

Florida has the busiest roads all around the year. Busy roads mean higher chances of road accidents which leads to higher claims. As a result; insurance companies have to spend a lot of money annually on different claims. To clear this expense, they quote a higher amount of car insurance.

2. A High Number Of Uninsured Drivers

The rate of uninsured drivers is much higher in Florida as compared to the national average rate and the other states. 20% of drivers in Florida do not have car insurance as compared to the 12% national average rate. If you get into an accident with another driver who does not have insurance then your insurance company will have to pay for the expenses of repairing the damages caused to your car.

3. Bad Weather

As per a recent weather report; the climate of cities like Miami and Tampa is one of the major reasons for multiple hazards in the state. Too many hurricanes and storms make the state dangerous for everyone and result in too many damages to cars. This is why insurance companies provide higher rates to the drivers to cover their losses.

4. Expensive Healthcare

Florida is at 48th rank for access and affordability of healthcare of 2020 commonwealth scorecard. Common citizens are not able to afford healthcare and hence they rely heavily on car insurance companies to get assistance in paying healthcare bills after an accident.

5. A Higher Number Of Tourists

In 2019 Florida totaled more than 132 million visitors in the state while due to COVID restrictions the number has decreased to a higher extent still in 2020 Florida welcomed more than 87 million tourists.

How to Save on Florida Car Insurance?

Now that we know how much we will have to pay in Florida for car insurance and what are the reasons behind the higher rates; let’s have a look at the ways to save money on your premium. We have created a list of some of the best ways to get affordable car insurance in Florida:

  1. Keep A Clean Driving Record
    If you have a clean driving record without any tickets or accidents then you will be considered a safe driver. Safe drivers get lower insurance rates as compared to all the other drivers as they file fewer claims as a result the company has to spend less money.
  2. Get A Driving Improvement Course
    Driving improvement courses will again make you a safe driver. Florida has its own driving improvement course which helps the drivers to improve their skills. Drivers with better skills and judgment get into the skill of safe drivers and their chances of getting into an accident also decrease. As a result insurance companies provide less insurance rates to these drivers.
  3. Combine Different Discounts
    There are multiple types of discounts available for the drivers. These discounts are based on the profile of the driver, their experience, and their age. Combining multiple discounts will reduce the total amount of the policy to a huge extent.
  4. Bundle Different Insurance Types
    By bundling different discounts you can get into the list of important and loyal customers and hence the company will try its best to provide you competitive rates. You can even ask other insurance companies as well to provide you with a quote for bundling different insurance types.
  5. Consider Usage-based Insurance
    If you don’t drive your car much and you have confidence in your driving skills then you can select a usage-based insurance policy. This will help you to pay as much as you are using. If you have an average low mileage score then you can get lower car insurance rates.
  6. Park Your Car In A Safer Place
    Your location has a huge impact on the final cost of your car insurance. The area where you live and park your car can increase or decrease the cost of your insurance policy. If your area has a high number of crimes and claims to file then you will get higher insurance. It is better to park your car in a garage to keep your car safe from unexpected accidents and vandalism.
  7. Select Your Car Model Smartly
    The model of your car also plays an important role in deciding the cost of your car insurance. Vehicle models with higher safety records and modern features get lower insurance rates. Try to go for sedans, minivans, and small minivans to get lower insurance rates.

Final Words

With the rising rate of car insurance in Florida every year, it is getting difficult for drivers to afford to buy and renew their policies. RateForce is always here to help you get affordable rates for car insurance in Florida from top auto insurance companies as per your bugdet.

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