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If you try to compare auto insurance rates by zip code, you will realize there is a dramatic difference in the average prices. The basic reason is each state uses a different set of factors to calculate the average car insurance cost for every city near you.

Why Compare Auto Insurance Rates With RateForce?

There is no doubt that buying insurance without Auto Insurance Quote Comparison might be risky for you. Two individual drivers can never be exactly the same. Everyone has a way of driving, controlling, and maintaining the vehicle. Hence, auto insurance companies try to evaluate the accurate cost of their products by looking deep into each individual’s risk factors. This is the reason Comparing Car Insurance Rates is as important as buying a policy. Below are some factors which car insurance companies consider while they calculate Car Insurance Rates.

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Your Residential Area

The area where you live and drive is a major point considered by most of the insurance companies. The reason behind this is the variables like crime rates, population density, and weather patterns. This is important to also compare car insurance by State.

Age Icon

Your Age

Age is directly proportional to your experience in driving and expertise. In almost every state, teen drivers get the most expensive car insurance premium. The premium rates get down with the age and experience on road.

Driving Record Icon

Your Driving Records

There are multiple elements in driving records like previous speeding tickets, DUIs, and accidents. These elements are considered crucial for the insurers. Sometimes minor violations can increase your bills by almost 20 percent.

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Your Home

If you are living in a rented home then there are chances that you might have to pay almost 47 percent more than those who have their own home. The primary reason here is owning a home increases your credibility when you buy insurance.

Marital Status Icon

Your Marital Status

As per the insurance agencies, married people get involved in road accidents much lesser as compared to those who are single, divorced, or widowed. As a result, married people get cheaper auto insurance as compared to singles.

Vehicle Car Icon

Your Vehicle

Auto insurance companies use the vehicle make and model to understand the chances of thefts, claims, and accidents. This information helps them to determine the average cost of repairs, purchase price, and safety test results all these are major factors for your car insurance policy.

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Your Gender

As per insurance companies, men have more records of not wearing seatbelts, speeding, causing accidents, and having sports cars or expensive cars. Men are more likely to drink and drive and they spend more time on the roads. Hence, males tend to pay more premium rates as compared to females.

How Car Insurance Coverage Works?

To get reliable car insurance quotes you need to understand how Coverage Types works. Almost all the insurance coverages can be divided into three categories. Even though some of them are optional, some are required but all of these are important. Below are the three categories of types of Car Insurance Coverage.

Car insurance Coverages Divided into 3 Categories

Coverages Types Under Protecting Your Wallet / Financial Loss

Liability coverage is an important part of a car insurance policy. If you are found at fault in a car accident then liability coverage will pay for the medical care, property damage, and lost wages of the other driver.

Below mentioned are the types of coverages you will get with a car insurance that can help you to cover the expenses of other drivers.

While you are driving if you get into an accident with another vehicle and you are held responsible for the accident. In such scenarios, you will get the medical bill of the other driver, it can be a few bucks or a few thousand under Bodily Injury Liability Coverage.

Consider this, you hit a car and that car collides with the fencing of another house or it collides with another shop. In this situation, the property damage of both the car owner and the house/shop owner will come to your wallet. Property Damage liability coverage insurance will cover this for you too.

If you get into an accident with a vehicle whose owner doesn’t have an insurance then all your medical bills and lost wages along with the passengers in your car will be covered by your car insurance company under Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Liability.

If you get into an accident with a driver of another vehicle and the driver does not have enough insurance to cover your bills then Underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage will cover all the expenses of you and your passengers.

If your car got damaged severely by another driver but the driver does not have enough insurance to cover your expenses then Uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage will rescue you.

Protects Driver And Passenger

We all know that medical expenses can be out of our budget. A medical coverage in your auto insurance can help you to pay the medical expenses of you and all the passengers in your vehicle.

Below are the medical coverages an insurance company will provide to the car driver and its passenger after an accident.

Despite the fact who was at fault in an accident, the insurance company will cover all the medical expenses of the driver and its passengers under MedPay Coverage.

In situations where there was no other driver involved like you ran into a pole or a tree and you got injuries. Under PIP Coverage, your insurance company will cover expenses of the ambulance, medical bills, lost wages, prescriptions, and even the transit to and from for your follow up appointments.

Protect Your Car

Car is an important asset in our lives and we need it for our everyday use. A car break down can pause your life and hence you need a strong car coverage to help you get back on the road without spending much money on the repair.

Below mentioned are the types of coverages you will get under covering your car repair expenses by the insurance company.

If you slide into a tree of a fence, if you have rear-ended someone or if you accidentally get into an accident with another vehicle. Even if another vehicle hits you accidentally, your car will be covered under collision coverage.

There are some damages which are unexpected and out of control like a tree falling on your car or car getting caught in a hail, catching fire, it runs into an animal, and most importantly, your car gets stolen. All these scenarios fall into the category of comprehensive coverage.

Insurance companies provide emergency roadside assistance called towing and labor coverage. In scenarios like if your car is broken down then the company would help you get a tow. If you ran out of gas, the company would deliver the gas for you, etc.

If your car is under maintenance and you have to hire a rental car. Under rental car coverage, If you have a comprehensive and collision on your policy, then the insurance agency will cover the car rental expenses.

The insurance agency will help you pay off your loan or lease on your car in case of a total loss of the car in an accident. In Gap Coverage, your insurance company will pay 25 percent extra of the car’s value to help you pay off the debt.

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Car Insurance FAQs


Is Car Insurance Mandatory in the USA?


New Hampshire is the only state where car insurance is not required. Other than that all the 49 states have it compulsory to carry car insurance.


How does Car insurance work in the USA?


Auto insurance covers damages caused to your vehicle and it also protects you financially if you are liable to pay the bills of other drivers. Also, car insurance can cover the medical expenses of you and your passengers.


What does car insurance not cover?


Car insurance usually covers all the repair costs but not the general wear and tear like oil changing, tire rotating, etc.


When can auto insurance companies drop my policy?


Every state has its own laws but the following are the common circumstances under which your insurance company has the rights to drop off your policy:

  • If you have shared false information on your application
  • If your license is revoked or suspended due to any reason
  • If you are not paying your premium

When insurance agencies can deny claims?


Following are a few reasons that your insurance claims might get denied:

  • Asking for a claim under coverage which you have not opted for when buying the policy. If you have not paid your premiums then your claims will be suspended until you pay your previous premiums.
  • If you are filing for a fraudulent claim or you have exaggerated or fabricated the accident. Improving your vehicle without notifying the insurance company, like giving your car a fancy paint.