Companies Name Quotes
GAINSCO Insurance Quote Logo GAINSCO $55 /mo
Allstate Insurance Quote Logo Allstate $89 /mo
The General Insurance Quote logo The General Insurance $123 /mo
American Family Insurance Quote Logo American Family $168 /mo

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Utah?

Car insurance in Utah is more expensive than most of the other states because of its no-fault policy. Moreover, the traffic fatality rate is also a lot higher than in most of the states. This is one of the major reasons that Utah citizens need affordable car insurance premiums. RateForce team knows how to provide the cheapest car insurance rates to each driver.

Here are the cheapest auto insurance companies in Utah along with their average rates:

Which are the Best Car Insurance Companies in Utah?

The difference between best and cheap car insurance rates is like buying clothes to cover your body versus buying branded clothes. One is a necessity and the other is leveraging the money you have for your good. To provide you the list of the best auto insurance companies in Utah we have analyzed all the companies of the state.

Our analysis was based on certain factors like reliability, customer feedback, and the quality of the company. Check out the list of the best car insurance companies in Utah

Companies Name Quotes
GAINSCO Insurance Quote Logo GAINSCO $55 /mo
Allstate Insurance Quote Logo Allstate $89 /mo
The General Insurance Quote logo The General Insurance $123 /mo
American Family Insurance Quote Logo American Family $168 /mo

How To Get Best Car Insurance Coverage in Utah?

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Utah

There are some legal insurance coverages compulsory for every driver of the state in the USA. These coverages are minimum car insurance requirements that can be changed for different states. So to park or drive a vehicle on a state’s road, the driver will have to buy the minimum coverage. Below are the minimum auto insurance requirement for Utah

Minimum Utah Car Insurance Coverage Requirements
  • Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) Coverage:
    If a driver gets into an accident then he or she will get responsibility for the victim’s medical expenses. The coverage will be provided by your insurance company and it will be based on your state’s coverage limit. In Utah, the BIL limit is a bit higher as compared to the other states. Below is legal bodily injury liability coverage for every driver:
    $25,000 per person if only the other driver is injured or died and
    The second is; $65,000 per accident if passengers were also involved along with the driver.
  • Property Damage Liability (PDL) Coverage:
    This coverage type is beneficial when a driver damages the private property of another person in an accident. In such cases, the driver will be responsible for all the repair expenses of property like fence, garden, wall, or car of the victim. Just like BIL, PDL is also different for each state. So the minimum property damage liability coverage for the Utah state is $15,000 per accident.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage:
    Personal injury protection is a minimum requirement for all the no-fault states. PIP is a broad term to define that the driver will be responsible for his or her medical expenses. Hence; the PIP coverage for Utah’s driver is $3000 in case of an accident.

Cheap Minimum Liability Car Insurance Companies in Utah

Here is the list of best companies that provide the lowest average rates to drivers for state minimum insurance coverage in Utah:

  • GAINSCO: $52 per month
  • Progressive: $65 per month
  • Esurance: $68 per month
  • Allstate: $76 per month
  • The General Insurance: $136 per month

Cheap Basic Full Insurance Coverage in Utah

Here is the list of top insurance companies that provide the lowest average rates to drivers for our unique basic full insurance coverage in Utah. It includes collision and comprehensive auto insurance coverage apart from state minimum auto insurance coverage.

  • GEICO: $78 per month
  • Progressive: $84 per month
  • Esurance: $95 per month
  • Nationwide: $135 per month
  • The General Insurance: $234 per month

Cheapest Premium Full Insurance Coverage in Utah

Here is the list of top auto insurance carriers that provide the cheapest full coverage in Utah. This covers all coverages as defined by state law in full coverage requirements with maximum benefits. Drivers with a clean driving record may consider this option.

  • GEICO: $87 per month
  • Farm Bureau: $96 per month
  • Progressive: $108 per month
  • Esurance: $113 per month
  • Nationwide: $170 per month

Additional Auto Insurance Coverage in Utah

The mandatory insurance coverage for all drivers is included in the minimum requirement coverage. However, there are some insurance coverages that are not required but are still necessary to save money. The top seven types of insurance coverages that every driver should think about are as follows:

  • Collision Coverage:
    Collision insurance covers your vehicle in the event that it collides with another object, living or non-living. If your car collides with a tree, fence, building, or pedestrian, for example. Your insurance company will cover all car repair costs in such cases.
  • Comprehensive Coverage:
    If your car is ever involved in a natural or man-made disaster, your insurance company will help you. Thunderstorms, fires, floods, and even vandalism are all possibilities. In the event of a disaster, you will be fully covered for all necessary car repairs.
  • Roadside Assistance:
    What will you do if your car breaks down while travelling on a highway or a deserted road? You can contact your insurance company, and they will send help right away. The insurance company will cover all costs associated with towing and repairing the vehicle.
  • Medical/Funeral Services:
    This type of insurance is necessary for medical services such as summoning an ambulance or transporting a deceased person. Furthermore, the company will pay for the driver’s funeral and will cover all expenses.
  • Loan/Lease Payoff:
    When your car is totaled in an accident, this type of insurance coverage is essential. If you still owe money on a loan or lease, your insurance company will assist you in repaying it. The pending loan or lease amount will be paid by the company.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement:
    This is an optional type that is not overly costly and can cost hundreds of dollars. You can rent another car while your car is being repaired. And the insurance company will cover all of the costs of renting a car.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Utah on Ticket Profile

The car insurance premium of every state is dependent on a lot of factors. And based on these factors each auto insurance company creates some ticket profiles. The drivers that belong to these ticket profiles get higher or lower car insurance rates as compared to the others. Below are the top car insurance ticket profiles in Utah:

Cheap Car Insurance for Speeding Drivers in Utah

Yes, speeding vehicles can be thrilling for some people but it is also a serious offense in every state, city, and area. In 2018 almost ten thousand people died in a road accident that involved a speeding driver. And that is why auto insurance companies consider drivers with a speeding history as risky drivers.

Whenever a driver gets caught speeding he or she gets some points on the driving records. These points are based on the speed of the vehicle at that time. And based on these points the insurance carrier decides the increase in premium rates. Here are the top car insurance companies in Utah state for speeding drivers:

Insurance Company Quote
GEICO $73 /mo
Nationwide $90 /mo
Allstate $105 /mo
Farmers $107 /mo
Progressive $125 /mo
State Farm $135 /mo
Insurance Company Quote
Progressive $105 /mo
GEICO $123 /mo
American Family $135 /mo
Nationwide $141 /mo
Auto-Owners $185 /mo
Allstate $230 /mo

Cheap Utah Car Insurance Rates for Drivers with an At-Fault Accident

The anxiety and guilt of an at-fault accident are already killing us and then our insurance carriers increase the premium. Even if the accident was very small you will get into the list of risky drivers. Hence; in most cases, the insurance carriers cancel the policy of the at-fault drivers.

In 2018; as per CDC report, 240 people died in road accidents in Utah. At-fault drivers country to apply for accident forgiveness. The process is a bit complex and the results depend on the company and the victim. So the best way to avoid getting higher rates is to get quotes from different companies. Here are the top auto insurance companies in Utah with the cheapest rates for At-fault drivers:

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers with a DUI in Utah

As per CDC state transportation safety report of Utah; 408 people were killed in crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver in Utah from 2009-2018. 65% of the drivers involved in fatal accidents are tested positive for at least one drug. As a result, the drivers with DUI on record are considered risky drivers.

DUI drivers can try for the fallout but the process can be long, complex, and time-consuming. You’ll be required to pay court fines, reinstatement fees, and SR-22 filing. So most of the time the drivers just avoid getting a fallout. As a result, they get higher car insurance premiums.

Getting a cheap auto insurance rate is difficult for DUI drivers. Hence, we have created a list of all the top cheapest car insurance companies for DUI drivers in Utah:

Insurance Company Quote
American Family $115 /mo
GEICO $124 /mo
Progressive $131 /mo
State Farm $140 /mo
Nationwide $165 /mo
USAA $99* /mo

(*USAA only available to current and former military members and their families.)

Insurance Company Quote
GEICO $152 /mo
Nationwide $187 /mo
Esurance $190 /mo
Allstate $210 /mo
Progressive $245 /mo

Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers in UT

Young drivers are the riskiest drivers as per almost all the car insurance companies. The reason behind this is the lack of experience on the road. As a result; auto insurance companies increase the insurance cost for young drivers. In 2018; more than 250 people were killed in road accidents that involved teen drivers.

Young drivers also get a benefit of students discount. In Utah, drivers under 25 years of age with an average grade point of B or higher can apply for a student discount. Other than that the only option is to research the cheapest car insurance companies for teen drivers. Here are the most affordable auto insurance companies in Utah for teen or new drivers:

Best Auto Insurance for Good Drivers in UT

A driver with a long driving experience on the road and a clean driving record is considered a good driver. Good drivers always get lower insurance rates as compared to all the other drivers. So if you are someone with good driving experience and clean history then you can ask for this discount.

As a result; good drivers along with other discount types can get the lowest premium. Here are the top car insurance companies in Utah for a good driver to get the cheapest rates:

Insurance Company Quote
GEICO $52 /mo
GAINSCO $55 /mo
Progressive $60 /mo
Nationwide $62 /mo
USAA* $44* /mo

(*USAA only available to current and former military members and their families.)

Insurance Company Quote
GEICO $93 /mo
Farmers $127/mo
Nationwide $135 /mo
Farmers $143 /mo
Allstate $155 /mo
USAA $90* /mo

(*USAA only available to current and former military members and their families.)

Cheapest Coverage for Drivers with Poor Credit in Utah

Even though checking the credit history of the driver to provide car insurance cost is banned in some states. But the companies still consider it directly or indirectly. As per most auto insurance carriers; drivers with poor credit are less reliable and irresponsible. Hence the car insurance premium for such drivers increases.

If you are looking for affordable auto insurance rates for drivers with bad credit score then here are the top companies in Utah:

Which Car Insurance Discounts are available in Utah?

The easiest way to get affordable car insurance in Utah is to get as many discounts as possible. Every company provides different types of discounts for car drivers. Here are the four most common discounts you can ask from any car insurance company:

Upfront Payment Discount:

Your insurance company will give you a good discount if you pay your annual premium in advance. Advance payment is preferred by every car insurance company. They reward the driver in order to promote this payment model. As a result, if you are financially capable of paying the annual premium in advance, you will receive a significant discount.

Safety Features Discount:

The driver, passengers, and the vehicle are all safer thanks to the safety features in the cars. As a result, the likelihood of accidents and injuries decreases, resulting in the driver filing fewer claims. You can get this discount if your car has features like automatic seat belts, anti-theft car alarms, and so on.

Multiple Vehicles Discount:

Do you own multiple vehicles and require coverage for all of them? Then your insurance company will try to persuade you to buy a policy from them for all of your vehicles. As a result, they will offer reasonable discounted rates; be sure to haggle as much as possible for this discount.

Multiple Policy Discount:

If you already have a car insurance policy and need additional coverage, you may qualify for this type of discount. It could be homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, or any other type of coverage. Your insurance company will try to persuade you to purchase all of your policies from them. As a result, you will receive substantial discounts.

SR-22 Car Insurance in Utah State

SR-22 insurance is important for drivers with suspended drivers’ licenses due to several law violations. The reason behind suspension can be driving without insurance, at-fault accidents, too many speeding, or DUI convictions.

In Utah, the cost of applying for SR-22 insurance is $25 only. But the cost of SR-22 insurance is much higher than the average rate of the state. Hence we have created a list of top companies in Utah for SR-22 insurance:

Company Average Annual Rate Annual Average Premium with SR-22 and DUI
GEICO $768 $945
Progressive $574 $880
Allstate $782 $1,005
GAINSCO $660 $1,245
Esurance $790 $1,122
Nationwide $865 $1,350
American Family $610 $1,045
Assurance America $950 $1,506
Farmers $653 $950

Best Cities for Cheap Car Insurance in Utah

The location of the driver plays a very important role in every state, city, or area. In Utah, the car insurance companies check the zip code of the driver to determine the insurance premium rate. The checking is based on the factors like crime rates, road conditions, environmental conditions, etc in that area. Below is the list of top Utah cities and the average car insurance rates in each city:

City Avg. Annual Premium
Salt Lake City $1,450
West Valley City $1,523
Kearns $1,478
Millcreek $1,448
West Jordan $1,396
Taylorsville $1,438
Cottonwood Heights $1,403
Orem $1,354
Clearfield $1,278
Logan $1,174
Layton $1,259

FAQs About Car Insurance In Utah


How to find the cheapest Car insurance in Utah near me?


The best ways to get auto insurance in Utah near you are:

  • Compare the rates: Don’t forget to compare auto insurance rates in Utah from different companies in your area.
  • Discounts: Ask for different types of car insurance discounts that apply to your profile.

How to find the average car insurance rate in Utah?


The average auto insurance rate for minimum liability only is $513 and for full coverage is $921. The cost of the average car insurance keeps changing every day. It is better to ask your insurance carrier directly about it.


What types of discounts I can ask from my insurance carrier in Utah?


Most of the drivers are not even aware of the types of car insurance discounts available for them in every state. In Utah; drivers can get discounts like a defensive driving discount, auto deduction discounts, homeowner discounts, etc. The best way to know more about the discounts applicable to your profile is to ask your auto insurance company.


Why RateForce is the best option for car insurance quotes comparison site?


RateForce is a team of experts who have experience working with all types of profiles. We follow a very simple process to keep the registration of the driver as easy as possible. Plus you will get the list of all the top insurance companies in your area in just a few minutes. We are working in this field for years now and we have the best feedback from our clients.


Which is the cheapest car insurance company in Utah?


Instead of one name, RateForce will give you the top 5 cheapest. Why? Because each company calculates the insurance cost for different profiles uniquely. So the company which is cheapest for one driver can be expensive for the other. So here are the top five cheapest auto insurance carriers in Utah: Gainsco, Allstate, The General, American Family, and Progressive.


What are the consequences of driving without car insurance in Utah?


Driving without any auto insurance in Utah is considered a Class B misdemeanor. For the first offense, the fine is $400, and then it keeps on increasing.


Is Utah an at-fault state?


No, Utah is not an at-fault state; it is a no-fault state. That means regardless of who was at fault in the accident, both parties will have to file claims to their respective companies.


Do I need insurance to register my car in Utah?


Yes, you can not register your vehicle in Utah without car insurance. You will be required to provide proof of insurance at the time of the registration process. The driver gets 60 days from the date of purchase to register a car in Utah.

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