About Esurance Insurance Company

Esurance car insurance company is a subsidiary of Allstate insurance company. The company is popular for its modern approach towards better customer service. Even it was one of the first companies to sell insurance policies online. The company allows drivers for online transactions with an advanced mobile application. Despite all the modern ways the company has adopted for their customers; company’s customer service feedback is average. And the number of consumer complaints is higher than most of the insurance companies.

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The process of buying and managing policies is easier with the online method.

Esurance Car Insurance company advantage pros icon 2

A strong backing from Allstate which is its parent company.

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Multiple discount options are available for the drivers to get affordable rates on their policies.

Esurance Car Insurance company advantage pros icon 3

Wide range of coverage types available to add to the existing policies.

Esurance Car Insurance company disadvantage cons icon

The customer satisfaction rates are lower than most of the insurance companies.

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A higher number of complaints against the company.

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No physical agents are available; everything has to be online.

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Dependent on Allstate insurance company so takes longer time for resolving claims.

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Esurance Insurance Reviews and Ratings

  • J.D. Power: 871
  • NAIC: 2.92
  • A.M.Best: A+
Esurance Car Insurance Reviews
  • BBB: A-
  • S&P: AA-
  • Moody’s: AA3

The ratings of Esurance from different associations are alarming. The company is not Better Business Bureau accredited. Also, the ratings from S & P and NAIC are also not good for any insurance company. Even Moody’s withdrew their A2 ratings from the company in 2007 which again is not a good sign for any business. The only positive thing here is the A.M.Best ratings of the company which shows a strong financial stand.

Esurance Car Insurance Quotes For Different Driver Profiles

Drivers Age / Ticket Profile For Good Drivers With At-fault Ticket With DUI Ticket With Speeding Ticket
16-20 Year Old $216 / Month $280 / Month $367 / Month $259 / Month
21-24 Year Old $108 / Month $140 / Month $183 / Month $129 / Month
25-34 Year Old $99 / Month $128 / Month $168 / Month $118 / Month
35-44 Year Old $91 / Month $118 / Month $154 / Month $109 / Month
45-54 Year Old $84 / Month $109 / Month $142 / Month $100 / Month
55-65 Year Old $78 / Month $101 / Month $132 / Month $93 / Month
65+ Year Old $72 / Month $92 / Month $122 / Month $86 / Month

Esurance Car Insurance Discounts

The number of discounts provided by Esurance car insurance company is higher than most of the companies. The company tries to cover its image of negative reviews and ratings by providing attractive discounts to all the driver profiles. Listed below are some discounts the company offers:

  • Affinity group discounts for drivers that are a part of different affinity groups like alumni assurance, professional groups, or any other Esurance partner groups.
  • On-time payment discounts for the drivers that pay all the premiums on time.
  • Fast 5 discount for the drivers that prefer the online signup process for their policies.
  • Defensive driving course completing discount.
  • Multiple policies discount for buying different types of policies from the company.
  • Good student discount for drivers under 25 with good grades
  • Good driver discount for keeping a clean record (without any DUI or DWI) for more than 5 years.
  • Safety features discounts for vehicles that have factory-installed airbags, anti-theft devices, and anti-lock brakes.
  • Switch and Save discount for the drivers who decide to switch from another company to Esurance.
  • DriveSence discount for installing and signing up in their Drive Sense application.

Esurance Car Insurance Policies

Just like Safeco auto insurance company which was also a subsidiary company of Liberty Mutual; Esurance also provides amazing coverage options. Below are some top policies provided by Esurance:

State / Coverage Minimal Liability Basic Premium Full Premium
Georgia $79 / Month $138 / Month $190 / Month
Michigan $91 / Month $145 / Month $187 / Month
Florida $73 / Month $149 / Month $199 / Month
South Carolina $51 / Month $106 / Month $151 / Month
Texas $59 / Month $98 / Month $141 / Month
Alabama $46 / Month $94 / Month $153 / Month

The wide range of coverage options provided by the company are common and there is no new policy that can attract drivers.

Esurance Insurance Complaints and Customer Satisfaction

Customer Claims Satisfaction

  • As per a recent study by Cnet; Esurance has scored number 1 ranking in California as the best auto insurance company.
  • The J.D.Power score of Esurance is 871 out of 1000 which is bit lower than the national average score – 872. This shows the position of the company as a less reliable car insurance company all over the country.

Consumer Complaints

  • Consumer complaints play a major role in any company. Today every driver checks the internet for the complaints, feedback, and ratings of insurance companies and then selects the one based on these factors. NAIC is the best portal to check the true complaints filed against a company.
  • The national median score provided by the company is 1 and a driver can compare the score of a company with this to understand the real scenario. Here the NAIC score of Esurance is 2.92 which is higher than most of its competitors like Progressive and USAA.

Other Esurance Insurance Product Options

  • Esurance motorcycle insurance iconMotorcycle Insurance
  • Esurance home insurance iconHomeowners Insurance
  • Esurance renters insurance iconRenters Insurance

FAQs About Esurance Car Insurance


How to file Esurance insurance claims?


The best part of Esurance is its customer service department is available 24/7 hence you can file a claim at any time. Also, the drivers can file the claim online through their website or mobile app. The website and app provide the option of tracking the status of the claim online as well.


How does Esurance make a payment for the insurance claim?


To make a payment for the claim the company inspects the images and interrogates the driver as well as the other persons involved. After the entire inspection, the company then decides the claim amount. The process of releasing the claim amount can take 8-10 days.


What are Esurance car insurance reviews as per BBB?


Do you want to know “Esurance car insurance reviews BBB”? We would like to highlight that the company is not BBB accredited. On the other hand, the rating of the company is 1.02 based on the 519 reviews.


How much is the average Esurance car insurance quote?


The average Esurance car insurance rate is $3387 which is higher than most of the auto insurance companies.


What is the Esurance address?


The customers can connect with the company through their app and website anytime and anywhere. The headquarters of the company is situated at 650 Davis Street San Francisco, CA 94111 United States.


What is the Esurance insurance claims phone number and fax number?


The company has provided a toll-free helpline number: 1-800-378-7262. The Esurance Fax number is 1-800-684-4675.

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