Find Affordable SR-22 Insurance in California: A Quick Guide

By Randy Luton | Last Updated: 09/21/2023

In the vast spectrum of insurances, one term that frequently creates a stir of curiosity is the SR-22 insurance. Predominantly unknown to many, the SR 22 is not actually an insurance policy. It’s a certificate of financial responsibility, which is often mandatory for individuals who’ve had certain driving violations. This certificate validates that a driver carries the minimum required auto insurance liability coverage in the state of California.

What are SR22 Insurance requirements in California?

California mandates SR-22 insurance for drivers who’ve violated certain traffic rules or have been involved in accidents while driving uninsured.

These violations could range from DUI or reckless driving, to multiple traffic offenses within a short time span or even failure to pay court-ordered child support. This serves as an assurance to the state that these high-risk drivers are adequately insured and financially capable of taking responsibility for potential future accidents.

What coverage do I need to get SR22 in California?

The SR-22 certificate itself is not an insurance policy, but it verifies that you carry the minimum required auto insurance coverage. As per California state laws, the minimum liability insurance coverage comprises:

  • $15,000 for Bodily Injury Per Person
  • $30,000 for Bodily Injury Per Accident
  • $5,000 for Property Damage Per Accident

The values below are the absolute minimum. For added protection, many drivers purchase additional coverage.

Which companies offer SR22 insurance in California?

Several car insurance providers in California offer SR-22 certification. However, not all companies view SR 22 requirements in the same light. Some insurers cater specifically to high-risk drivers and are often the most accommodating in these situations. Among these companies are:

How long do you need SR-22 in California?

Typically, in California, the SR22 requirement lasts for a period of 3 years. However, the duration may vary depending on the severity of the driving violation and the judgment of the court. If you maintain your SR 22 insurance consistently for the entire period without any violations, it’s likely your SR 22 status will be revoked at the end of the mandate.

What is a Non-owner SR-22 insurance in California?

A non-owner SR22 insurance comes into play for individuals who do not own a car but need to maintain their driver’s license. This may occur if they frequently rent vehicles or borrow cars from friends or family. This type of SR 22 insurance is beneficial as it covers the damages caused by the driver, not the vehicle itself.

How do I get my SR22 Insurance in California?

You can’t file an SR-22 on your own in California. The state requires insurance companies to report this information to the DMV electronically. As the state’s high-risk insurance pool, the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan can provide you with coverage if you cannot find it elsewhere.

If your insurer doesn’t provide SR 22 filings, you may have to switch to one that does. Sometimes, your current insurer might cancel your policy after a violation. If you can’t find coverage elsewhere, you can turn to the California Automobile Assigned Risk Plan, which is the state’s high-risk insurance pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I get an SR22 without having car insurance?

    While the SR-22 certificate is not an insurance policy, it verifies that you have the minimum required auto insurance coverage. Thus, you cannot obtain an SR 22 without having car insurance.

  • What happens if I let my SR 22 lapse?

    If your SR 22 insurance lapses or is canceled, your insurance company is obliged to notify the DMV. This could result in your driving privilege being suspended.

  • How much does an SR 22 cost in California?

    SR22 insurance in California can cost between $800 and $1,600 per year. The final price depends on factors like your location, age, marital status, and most importantly, your driving history.

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