How to save on Washington Car Insurance? 4 Tips to reduce costs

By Randy Luton | Last Updated: 05/17/2024

Key Insights

  • The average cost of car insurance in Washington is much higher than most of the states of the country.
  • There is a huge gap between the car insurance rates of different companies in the state.
  • There are multiple reasons behind higher car insurance rates in different companies in the same state.
  • The positive is; there are different ways that a driver can try to get affordable car insurance.

On average; a driver in Washington is required to pay almost $1100 for a car insurance policy. The cost of car insurance is higher than most of the states of our country and this is the reason that drivers are actively looking for affordable car insurance.

RateForce understands your needs and requirements and we are here to help you get the cheapest car insurance in Washington. Keep reading till the end for some amazing tips to save on your policy.

4 Ways to Save on Washington Car Insurance

It’s time to check the positive side of our blog: best tried and tested ways to save money on car insurance every year. We have listed out different individual methods you can combine some of these to get more affordable rates:

  1. Work On Your Credit Score
    Did you know? States like California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts don’t use credit scores as a factor to calculate car insurance rates. But other states and their car insurance companies check the credit score of the driver. This helps them to understand if the driver is reliable and responsible to pay for the policy premium on time.
  2. Bundle Your Other Policies
    You can always combine your different policies to get lower rates. We all need different insurance policies like life insurance, car insurance, house owner insurance, etc. We can buy policies from the same company and combine them into one policy. Then the company will consider you as a loyal customer and we can get much lower rates as the company.
  3. Pay In Advance
    You can always select an upfront payment model to get lower insurance rates. By paying in advance for a year or more you are proving your loyalty to the company. As a result, the company will provide the best affordable rates to keep you for a longer term.
  4. Leverage The Power Of Telematics
    Telematics technology is gaining a lot of popularity in the car insurance industry as it can track the speed, mileage, and driving habits of the driver. If you are a safe driver then you can use telematics to keep a track of the data and prove that your driving habits are safe.

Some Small and Common Ways To Save On Car Insurance

  • Do you have a teen driver on your policy or you are a teen driver? Then checking car insurance rates from different companies every year can increase the chances of lower rates.
  • Getting married can also decrease your car insurance rates easily. Most car insurance companies provide lower insurance rates to married drivers.
  • Find a Job! Yes, unemployed people pay more as compared to employed people. The reason is simple; unemployed people have no guarantee of having money to pay for car insurance in the future.
  • Always check the average car insurance rate of your car before buying it.

Average Car Insurance Cost in Washington

We understand that the car insurance rates vary a lot from company to company and driver to driver. This has created a huge confusion among drivers. Every car insurance company has its own way to calculate insurance rates.

You might be considered a safe driver in one company and unsafe in another hence there is a huge gap in the pricing. To help you understand the exact difference in the cost from different companies for the same driver profile we have curated below table.

Company NameAverage Car Insurance Rate
State Farm$1,045
American Family Insurance$1,081
Farmers Insurance$1,539

Why Car Insurance is Expensive in Washington?

Now that we know car insurance is expensive in different companies but what about different areas in the same state. Yes, car insurance varies from city to city as well. Cities like Tacoma, Auburn, and Renton have the highest car insurance rates as compared to other cities.

The question that arises is; why are we paying this extra money to get car insurance in Washington? We have listed out the top reasons for you:

1. Higher Theft Rates In Washington

Washington has one of the highest car theft rates all over the country. Higher vehicle theft means a higher number of claims which results in loss of car insurance companies. Now the car insurance company will try to cover the expenses/losses from the drivers via higher insurance rates.

2. Higher Number Of Car Accidents

Washington state has witnessed more than 82,000 crashes in 2021. The number of car accidents is increasing every day and rising numbers lead to rising insurance claims which as a result leads to higher insurance rates.

3. Expensive Auto Repair

The average cost of auto repair in Washington is more than $375 which is higher than most of the states of our country. Higher car repair costs lead to higher insurance claims which as a result leads to higher policy rates.

4. Increasing Number Of Uninsured Drivers

More than 21% of drivers are uninsured in Washington state. Uninsured drivers are a liability on car insurance companies as well as on the insured drivers. If you get into an accident with an uninsured driver then your insurance company will have to pay for all the repairs as a result the insurance rates increase.

Over To You!

We know that car insurance in Washington will keep on increasing every year and there is very little that we can do to stop this. But we can try to combine different ways to lower our car insurance rates. If you are still confused about how and where to find a list of different companies in your area then we are here for you.

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